Sensing the Essential …

Sensing what is essential in life isn’t easy, especially when we are prone to fetishizing what is new or shiny—trendy phones, cars, clothes, homes, a preoccupation with material success, prestige, power—things of finite value. Problem is our quality of life rests less on these pursuits, and more on enjoying the deep-rooted beauty and richness that are an organic part of life and ourself—things of infinite value.

What am I talking about here? I’m talking about life’s ordinary forms of opulence. Our notions of comfort and luxury tend to be confined to what we can purchase and show off to others (finite value). Perversely, we seem more preoccupied with one-upmanship and being hip, rather than being curious, creative, or truly original (infinite value).

Shifting our focus from the distractions mentioned above to exploring and enjoying the nourishment found in ordinary experience—sunlight, firelight, good conversation, good food, solitude and all the natural abundance of life—is a simple, effective way of influencing, re-shaping and experiencing our life that is far more fulfilling and satisfying than shopping for baubles.

End of the day it all distills down to love.

Love is essential.

Ironically, love is often relegated to the bottom of our list of priorities. We like to claim it as a primary value, but then often behave in such a way as to betray ineptitude or indifference. We need to remember that striving for excellence in the name of securing rewards of finite value—money, success, power—too often come at the expense of acquiring a degree of excellence in love and securing rewards of infinite value.

Sensing what is essential may not be easy amidst the static of competing interests, but it is necessary to our happiness.

Be the love, the money will follow … or maybe it won’t.

Either way, you win.