Self Deception

Illusions, distortions and projections are phenomena we often become aware of only when the veil has been lifted and we come face to face with the inconvenient truth of reality. Then we often feel betrayed. Question is by whom really? Blaming our disappointments on someone or something outside ourselves is too easy, too convenient. Truth most often is that we are the ones asleep at the wheel, busy deceiving ourselves with a vision of life that has more to do with what we prefer to see and believe about it, and less to do with the reality of what is actually right in front of us.

To be fair it’s understandable why we choose to bury our heads in the muck and mire of delusional thinking. For one thing it’s comforting. It assuages the difficult emotions of fear and angst. Being here naked and alive is beyond unnerving so padding this basic experience with self-preferential fantasies, more stuff than we actually need to live well and distractions of infinite variety, follows. BUT, just as driving down the road in the dark with the lights off is, for obvious reasons, foolish, so too is wandering through the one life we’ve been given with our eyes essentially shut.

Eyes wide open. Point is letting the light of the truth in—letting reality in—keeps us on track and moving forward in our lives in productive, life-enhancing ways that are far more rewarding than wandering off road into the ditch, eyes wide shut, wondering how we got there, then acting insulted and put out—pretty funny actually when you think about it this way. As in, what else is likely to happen?

Thus there is sense in becoming more aware of all the ways in which we may unwittingly set ourselves up for eventual disappointment. Sifting through illusions, distortions and projections is painful, humbling work, but also empowering. Any time we face a situation as it is, stripped of our self-serving beliefs and warped perceptions, we invite integrity, grace and peace of mind into our life. It is what it is.

Self deceit comes with a very high price tag, no? A life of self-possession is its own reward.