Getting Out of Our Own Way

Satisfaction and happiness seem to be ubiquitous human desires, and I’ve been discovering lately that getting out of my own way, and just letting things be can act as a catalyst of sorts. For this not only introduces a little ease, but also makes available an experience of the luxurious unfolding of life as it is.

There is something sweet, simple and real about all this that has enormous appeal for me. It’s the essence of beauty and simplicity, and a good place to be—restorative, relaxing, revealing.

It is true that life beckons with its requirements for food, shelter and clothing, but I think we have a tendency to burden this endeavour with a lot of unnecessary mental, emotional and physical clutter that only weighs us down.

Keeping things simple—just being authentic and a little more aware of what’s adding value and vitality to life, and what isn’t—seems more to the point to me.

Remember, our presence alone is a precious thing, a gift. Satisfaction, on some level, is all about a fundamental reverence and respect for this—the bare beauty of being human. No justifications required.

What could be more satisfying than that?