Getting it Right

Life is a beautiful, messy, uncertain and challenging business, and that being the case, why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to ‘get it right?’ I think it may be wiser to start questioning the intelligence of finally getting it right. We could after all, have a long discussion about just what ‘right’ amounts to in the context of chaos and uncertainty.

What about simply making the most of whatever we’ve been given, by cultivating interesting, fulfilling experiences that utilize the chaos as well as the order?

The idea of moving through life using whatever we’ve been given as a palette for creating  rich, diverse and satisfying experiences, is motivating, no? When we lighten up a little, and simply have fun playing around with the variables, we liberate ourselves to create. The intelligence here, in approaching life as a creative opportunity, is that it opens up the possibility of making the most of who we are with what we’ve been given. In such a fecund place there is mental and emotional freedom, there is nourishment, there is love … my idea of success.

Life will ever be a beautiful, messy, uncertain and challenging business—there’s no getting away from this. Question is: how will we proceed from here; within this context what do we want to create; how do we want to shape our lives; and what kind of influence do we want to have?

Live well. Love well.