Embracing Uncertainty

Every situation has its advantages and disadvantages, and while it may be comforting to make a list of pros and cons in the process of coming to a decision, ultimately we have to face the fact that life is filled with uncertainty; try as we might, we have no ultimate control over how things unfold. All is not lost, however.

Consider this: uncertainty may essentially be an invitation to be open to other possibilities and outcomes than the ones our often limited view of things allows for, or deems preferable.

Part of the discomfort we feel then, arises because of the tension created when we insist on trying to control all the variables; rolling boulders uphill is hard work to say the least. Easier and saner may simply be to allow whatever challenges we face speak to us, to listen and be open to a greater diversity of possible solutions and outcomes.

There is liberation in approaching our dilemmas with this greater openness and flexibility. Oftentimes, in fact, outcomes manifest that are far more rewarding and satisfying than any former vision may have allowed us to believe possible.

Be patient; solutions reveal themselves in time.