To Judge or not to Judge

Making judicious assessments is something we are required to do as part of making wise choices in life. Problem is, we don’t seem to have an ‘off switch’ where the impulse to judge is concerned, and often we are not making thoughtful, intelligent, considered assessments (i.e., being discerning), as much as we may be indulging simplistically in justifying opinions predicated on fear-based fantasies of one sort or another.

Understanding will only come about through a process of thorough immersion in a matter, not by preemptively judging it.

We just don’t know everything there is to know about almost anything we might wish to rush to judgment on, so don’t. Don’t judge. What is infinitely more helpful is to engage our curiosity, compassion and empathy, opening up, in turn, the possibility of being educated by a broader perspective of whatever it is we are confronted with and challenged by.

Suspend judgment. Learn. Understand.

Then see if there is a way to help.