To Live an Inspired Life

“Poetry is just the evidence of your life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.” -Leonard Cohen

Question is what does that even mean? The beauty of poetry, or in this case the poetic statement, is that we are left to imagine this for ourselves. It may mean, at the very least, understanding we are responsible for the spark, the tinder and the tending of any blaze we might aspire to ignite with the contents of our life.

What I truly love here, without getting lost in the metaphor of fire, is that this quote somehow graces me with a feeling for what matters most in my life and the living of it. It provides a compass of sorts, a little inarticulate direction.

There’s a bit of magic in that.

As though it’s directing me, at least in part, toward the alchemy of living an awake and inspired life.