What are We Becoming?

“The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.” -John Ruskin

I think it is easy to overlook that we are daily, moment by moment even, becoming something. All our choices lead to the creation of one thing or another despite our almost chronic lack of awareness that this is so. It’s easy to forget, but Life is a dynamic affair, a constant state of flux.

We crave easy melodies with predictable beats, but our lives are inevitably comprised and composed of things that lead to more complex notation, sounds and rhythms which demand more of us; more patience, more sensitivity to nuance, more practice.

We’re making music here. The point in life isn’t to bitch and complain about our lot as much as it is to take what we’ve been given and make something beautiful out of it. Beauty, remember, exists for its own sake. Your life requires no justification, you don’t owe anyone any apologies for being who you are, for being unlike anyone else around you.

And so we toil, we create, we live. Making good choices is ultimately an act which brings life into the world, that which heals. What we become in all this remains to be seen, an endeavor that is unfolding one step, one measure, at a time, one painful or joy filled experience at a time.

Be inspired. Make good art.