Let it Be

Sometimes the hardest thing in the world to do is to just back off and not rally for change, not flog others with our agendas or continually lean into things. I’m talking about pushing the river here; or, rather, not pushing the river.

Forcing our ideals and preferences into being is oftentimes a bad idea. It may mean we’ve stopped listening and that fear, in one or another of its guises, might be taking over. It could as well be a sign we have lost faith in the world and the nature of things. It may also mean that we’ve gone blind and forgotten how to appreciate all the richness in our life as it is now.

I’m not saying there is no place for change. I am saying that change is inevitable.

Living might, therefore, best be approached as one might any artful endeavour; with awareness, enthusiasm, a greater sense of discretion and respect. When we instead presume more knowledge than we actually possess and proceed to push our way along through life, we often end up bulldozing over a lot of the nuances that make it worth getting up for in the morning to begin with.

The sun always rises, the sun always sets, but how many of us really take any of it in? We have daily opportunities to imbibe life and yet end up passing it all by as we speed along on the roadway to nowhere.

I suggest letting a few things be. Give yourself a break from all the striving and b r e a t h e. You won’t be sorry you did. Continually striving is like trying to live while holding your breath the whole time. I say relax. Exhale. And let the next in-breath take care of itself.

Let it be.