Developing an Ear for Listening

We seem to live in an age when we are all so busy trying to be heard, acknowledged and loved, that we’ve ceased noticing the ramifications; that no one’s really listening. And if we aren’t really listening very well to one another, what else is it we might be failing to hear? Where has all our generosity gone?

Among the things it seems we’re quickly losing an ear for, is the possibility that life may be trying to reveal something to us. We are so busy speaking to our desires and our fears, that we have a hard time sensing what it is life may want from us.

Part of the problem, and one of the tragedies of the modern era, is that we seem to have developed the tendency to  over-literalize our lives, treating them not unlike a construction site, psychologically bulldozing impediments out of the way, and imposing our structures upon the flattened expanse that is left.

Trouble is, if we want to experience any of the innate beauty and richness that life offers, we need to treat it instead, as an entity that we exist in respectful relationship with. Then the landscape of our life naturally transforms as we learn about its soil and plant seeds the fruit of which aids, hopefully, in supporting the life of the whole ecosystem.

Listening is loving.