Beginnings and Endings

It’s that time of year again where we assess life as was, and look forward to what will be. Old disappointments lie dormant, buried, the detritus out of which hopes for the future inevitably sprout taking us we know not where.

Beginnings for me are taking the form of a new vocation – taxi driving. If I lived in NYC or Chicago this would not be a possibility, but in this small city I find it an agreeable entity as I’ve come to know it thus far. People who know me, and people who don’t, greet this news with one of two reactions: 1) Whaaat?! That’s so interesting. How did that happen? Or 2) Whaaat?! That’s horrible. Are you sure that’s a good idea? I find the curiosity of the former a beautiful thing and the concern of the latter also a beautiful thing.

What to do? I’m 49, credentialed as a Licensed Massage Practitioner in Washington State, which is not a meaningful credential where I currently reside. Options and resources are limited. I made a choice and, of course, every choice is a gamble of sorts.

I am a lover of freedom and so cab driving offers a lot of flexibility and human interest for me. People are generally up for a chat and I am privy to stories no one else may hear. To me that’s a sacred thing. Not many professions make room for impromptu heart-to-hearts. It has this in common with the profession of massage therapy and I feel privileged, blessed and humbled by my experience thus far.

So, take heart. If I can summon the courage and reconcile myself to the humble profession of cab driving there may be things you can do with your own life that may initially seem counter-intuitive as a good idea, especially if they are viewed with skepticism by the rest of the world.

Essentially life is what we make of it. And who we are is how we choose to live it.

Be the love…

Happy New Year!!!