Here We Go

Donald Trump is President. Fact. Whether or not he turns out to be a completely disastrous one or only a moderately disastrous one remains to be seen. In any event our work remains the same (also a salient fact). Of central importance: being clear with ourselves about what our core values are, understanding more broadly their impact on the greater good of all, and maintaining our integrity with respect to what those values require of us in terms of choosing how we might act in the world in ways which augur well for peace and general well-being.

I don’t want to play into all the drama surrounding the politics of the times. All that excess emotional furor does is distract us, pull us off center and contribute to a dangerous tendency toward either apathy or a firey misguided sense of heroism. We don’t need to play the hero/heroine (that’s Donald’s questionable game) we need something much more robust and substantial than that which is patient, steady, incremental progress in directions that foster life and vitality. So, put your swords away, they are a last resort.

The hard patient work of honing our ability to love a little less feebly, summoning the willingness to be a little more vulnerable in speaking the truth of our experience, and opening ourselves just a wee bit more to the healing balm that forgiveness has the power and potential to be, are all small but mighty actions that can help take us to productive, positive places in our relationships with others. No it isn’t easy straight forward work, but it is absolutely imperative and incumbent upon us to do.

Not glamorous enough? Love isn’t sexy work, but it is effective if what you want is a happy fulfilling life. And who among us doesn’t want that?

I am going to leave you now with this thought from Nelson Mandela (a man who knew a thing or two about the power of patient incremental progress).

                                  “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”