Part of what it means to embody a life worth living has a lot to do with integrity – living day to day in alignment with our own deepest values, desires and sense of what is right, despite fear, obstacles or criticism. There will never be a ‘right’ time to start this project, never enough security, approval or certainty that things will work out. As Picasso framed it: “To know what you’re going to draw, you have to begin drawing.” In other words, to begin living life on your own terms you need to begin moving in this more satisfying direction one decision, one step at a time. Life is a process, we embark on the journey and our life unfolds as we go along.

I am not suggesting that a little prudent planning is not advisable, it is, but not so much that you bury your dreams alive in the bid for ultimate security – there is no such thing, a sketch will do. Nobody can make our lives richer, more interesting or more worth waking up for in the morning, except us. And it is no one else’s responsibility to. We are not entitled to anything in life.

Expecting others to fill the void inside us is a fool’s errand.

At some point we need to just cut the crap, quit making excuses, blaming, whining and complaining and just get on with the business of Living. Being alive at all is a gift, painful at times, but full of mirth, mystery and joy as well. Where to begin? Begin with that change you wish to see in the world. Where you see insanity, choose to chart a saner course. Where you see a lack of imagination, be more imaginative. Where you see suffering, be courage, comfort and kindness.

Be guided by both your mind and your heart. They are each lost without the perspective of the other.

Lastly, take your time, not in the sense of procrastination, but in the sense of not being in a hurry – the word ‘savour‘ comes to mind. Take time to listen, to taste, to feel, to let things settle, to let life speak.

Life is a continual process of ebb and flow. Slowly, incrementally, we become steadier, lovelier and wiser both in spite of this and because of this. Paradox rules.