A Word about Personal Power

“Life is a series of mind moments, each one a new creation. Every moment we inherit something from our past, transform it in our present experience, and thereby seed the consequences of our future.” -Andrew Olendzki

I’ve been reading a lot lately and one thing has become increasingly clear: there are as many opinions on how to live a good life as there are people in the world. Not exactly a major revelation until one considers the degree of freedom and power that come along with that. We’re daily making choices whether we realize it or not, even if that means making the choice not to make a choice. Doesn’t it make sense then to take more regular inventory of our lives and inspect more closely what it is we’re saying yes or no to everyday?

I love the quote above for the way it makes clear the simplicity of the process by which our lives are transformed. We can never escape our past, we are always living in the present and the future is inherently uncertain. ‘Where’s the freedom in that?’ you may be asking. Freedom comes from our willingness and ability to assume greater responsibility for our lives within that inescapable framework.

To the extent that we assume responsibility for making more thoughtful choices in our lives is the extent to which we will experience a greater sense of strength, confidence and control over our lives. I am not saying here that we will have ultimate control over our lives, but I am saying that to what degree we do have control, it makes sense to take the reins of our life and steer a course in more fulfilling and edifying directions. For when we do not we risk becoming enslaved to the dictates and desires of others.

Taking responsibility (utilizing our power) ~> freedom.

One day at a time, one choice at a time we are participating in the creation of a blue-print that will eventually be our life in the future. Effectively processing and utilizing past experiences in the present, and making choices geared toward a more edifying future is what it’s all about.

Your life is yours and yours alone despite the myriad claims others may want to stake. Take then what is yours and treat it in such a manner that we might all benefit from your care.