Finding Our Rhythm

I don’t think there is a more demanding practice than authenticity – being who we are called to be in the world. Let’s be honest though, the whole concept is a bit fuzzy and open to interpretation. Because of this on the one hand we probably shouldn’t cling too tightly to narrow interpretations of who we have come to believe ourselves to be so far, and on the other it really is incumbent upon us to proceed from here with greater caution, care and discernment than we may be used to exercising.

Any honest search for what is genuine and true requires letting go of and stepping back from any assumptions we have made about ourselves to this point. Doing so will grant us the space to observe our self somewhat more objectively, and make room for becoming increasingly aware of any deeper feelings and insight that over time help us catch glimpses of ourselves that we will recognize somewhere deep inside, as truer to form.

The road to self-discovery is highly idiosyncratic and part of the point in even beginning the quest is to figure out on our own what works and what doesn’t – there’s information in that that no one else’s 5-step plan can elicit. Vulnerability is part of the process, so be patient, mistakes are inevitable. What makes all the difference in the world though is developing our capacity for learning from them – for becoming more resilient. One dissonant note at a time.

They help us learn by clarifying what works and what doesn’t. Don’t underestimate the value of mistakes by trying to side-step this inevitable part of what it means to be alive and to be human.

Gradually as we feel our way along, we will begin to sense more clearly the rhythm that is ours – our part in this crazy cosmic improvisational jam session.

Feel me?