The Problem(s) with Consumerism

I sometimes think that the problem(s) with consumerism are so numerous and so obvious that it doesn’t make sense to even write about it. Yet despite this what I seem to observe all around me is people proceeding in pretty much the same fashion as always  – sure we might take a reusable water bottle to work and bring our own bags with us to the grocery store, thing is this bare minimum approach to tackling the ever expanding environmental issues facing us simply isn’t enough. We need to do more.

We all love our creature comforts. We love the vicarious sense of security they seem to provide. Most of all we like the way they apparently grant us immunity from having to take any substantial responsibility for the environmental ills that face us. Worse, we seem to have a propensity for living in willful denial of the majority of these extraordinary problems – true, we don’t like the all the plastic trash that shows up on our beaches, or the idea that we’ll be swimming in it if our consumer habits don’t soon change, but we are still substantially unwilling to exert ourselves to quit using plastic straws, or getting our coffee to go in a single-use cup with plastic lid. I’m guilty too.

We’re better than this though. We can do more and it won’t cost us as much as it will if we continue to do next to nothing.

Check this out: Deconstructing Consumerism  – a potent and thought provoking look at the big picture where our habits of consumption are taking us and the thinking that may have got us here. You will be inspired.

The throw-away culture we’ve become treats as disposable not only single-use coffee cups, but people and wildlife and the environment we all depend on for life and vitality as well. This is untenable (not to mention morally unacceptable). We need to go back to the drawing board. We can design this to work out well for everyone, but to start we need to fully acknowledge that there even is a significant problem.

The consequences of consumerism are very real. Do something or do nothing, but do be willing to work with the consequences of your actions (or failure to act) – there are ALWAYS consequences, that is a non-negotiable.

Do you have a dream?