Rainy Sunday Afternoon

I am sitting in a cafe enjoying my coffee and the though the day is rainy and cool I don’t mind it – the sound of the rain pattering on the roof of my house is one of my favourite things and after an intensely hot, dry summer replete with wildfires, the rain is a welcome antipode.

It is a long weekend in Canada. We’re observing Remembrance Day – our day to honour all the soldiers who have died serving the nation in the course of performing military service. I prefer more peaceful means of maintaining stability, order and peace in the world, and yet there may be circumstances which, arguably, call for more forceful means. The world we live in is after all far from perfect – our human natures being multi-layered as they are, intricately intertwined and therefore inordinately complex. Thus, for me, a sense of ambiguity reigns on this day where ‘celebrating’ anything is concerned.

The cooling rains of autumn remind me to become more aware of any tendency toward violent impulses in myself (no matter how small or seemingly insignificant the fire), to exercise more care in the way I understand and treat people around me, and to cultivate patience.

Something much more worth remembering to do.