Roll With It

There is a way of ‘pushing’ for change that flows out of an ability to move with the symptoms – to roll with things, rather than resist them. Counter intuitive? Some of the best ideas are.

The problem with providing resistance is that there is a tendency to make the thing stronger (more resistant) that we are pushing against, which is to say that unless we have the majority of people in any one population all pushing in the same direction with us, we are unlikely to do much more than make a little noise and merely get the attention of people who are pretty much already on side. Not to say there is no value in that, there is, but more deeply rooted change requires something different.

I believe deep change requires that we examine ourselves first – that we need to be very clear about why we believe change is necessary and how we may have unwittingly contributed to the problems we face as a society. If we fail as individuals in this first, very basic step –  to adequately frisk ourselves for our own involvement in contributing to the ills plaguing us all – then we won’t be change makers, but bull shit artists instead, and there are plenty of those already. We have to demonstrate the courage to cop to our own flaws before we go around placarding and protesting those of others.

We need first to observe our own life impartially, to feel deeply and honestly all that we feel, and to think critically and carefully. This all takes time. Rolling with things (while also keeping tabs on them and processing them thoughtfully and strategically) will yield more substantial results than just screaming in protest and fear.

Real change requires we take stock of the state of our inner life. In the aftermath of any fight is when the real work begins anyway – what will we create? Are we ready to be different people? How large are our hearts? How well do we think, or do we cut corners here?

Roll with it … for now.

There’s other work to be done.

Love and courage.